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Let me hold you in a dark room by Moof-Poof
Mature content
Let me hold you in a dark room :iconmoof-poof:Moof-Poof 1 0
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Mature content
Squeak in his natural environment :iconmoof-poof:Moof-Poof 0 0
My little Squeak by Moof-Poof My little Squeak :iconmoof-poof:Moof-Poof 6 0 Something new, Space ocean king Kage by Moof-Poof
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Something new, Space ocean king Kage :iconmoof-poof:Moof-Poof 1 0
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United States
Hello Love, how are you? I have been a creative little freak since my re-birth in this place called earth. Haha anywho, Having fun doing all and anything that is at hand. I have had my own gallery in 2015 called He, She, Them, and We focused on modern day youth in modern day times needs. It was a successful show and great turn out and might do the same show unrated in the future sometime. Currently Im employed as Independent contractor for now but aspire to become a psychologist. This deviantart is my own personal fun place to share my current interests, character sharing, roleplay (HMU if your interested ) Commissions, and art trades domain for now until I can get more web presence. I will start adoptable heads soon and hopefully will post more soon. Hope to hear or see from you soon, have a beautiful life and thanks for stopping by!!! :)

I got a pintrest and tumblr.... more to come....…
So as of recently I started a new story with a near and beyond dear friend with a story called If Stars could Talk! 
Its all pretty darn neato and will be working on updating things every so often. 

Hope all is well 
and thanks for reading this! 
If your interested on any more information just ask! 

Im in the process of possibly expanding my horizons and work on my own personal site or page for my stories and creations. 



Let me hold you in a dark room
"You are everything I love and desire, please let me hold you."

Kage and Khamani vent art because things are off putting these days. Who knows maybe I was ment to experience what true pain is and whiteness it. I've been craving snuggles and more maybe....
Jona James
Nicknames: Mr.J, Jona Mona, Jo jo, J, JJ, daddy. J-man, brobro, dude, bruh (anything you want he'll appreciate it)

Height: 7’5
Weight: 215lb
Hand alignment: ambidextrous
Main colors: gold,black, oxblood red, burgundy, warm earth tones, browns, autumn colors , patterns, covered in jewels and arms always covered in beads.
Build: Like a rugby player, meets a contortionist (because the man can do both, wink wonk)
Candy type: sugar island
Sexuality: Pan ( he's a Dom/top, but is a power versatile if needed be. Open to all, judgement of non, well that also depends)

Personality type: Welcoming, warm, open minded, sensible, vivacious, and flirty would be the best fit for the large candy man. He loves to get to know who's he's with, and curious about all walks of life. He loves to make people laugh, have a good time , and to have fun! He also loves to entertain or simply keep people company. He's a passionate man and aspires to have a otherworldly club one day if obtainable or remain in his trait of his card for everyone and any one. He lives for others happiness and a sense of peace and a HUGE hugger. He's always willing to learn or help a Person out.

People just being themselves
Creating ( art )
Belly Dancing
Cooking/Home cooked meals
Days at the beach
Life itself
Listening to music
Working out
Beads and jewelry
Anything aquatic related
Clean laundry
Positive anything
People who blush easy

Being sick
Passive aggressive conversations (just be blunt)
Unnecessary fighting (play fighting is meh but not wanted)
Not having closure (met him halfway or just say you don't like him or you guys are through)
People with superior complexes
Every now and then, the rules
Dead baby jokes
Racist jokes
Seeing things in pain and not being able to do anything about it
Not being able to connect with an individual
Hurting people
Feeling lonely

Job: Club owner/ Hoist/ entertainer/ artist/ beach bum/ Jack of all trades/ male model/ entrepreneur/ traveler/ lover

Facts about Jona:
The forms

Jona has four forms ultimately

human ( requires magic, and harms him if held to long.)
Half human/ Demon/succubus/ incubus (this is his normal form)
Demon/incubus (he looks more primal and rougher around the edges but he would look like minus the human smoothness)
Demon form (not preferred at all from him and requires and takes a lot out of him)

Jona has an acute case of anxiety and depression that may flair up every now and then, but for the most part he's an optimist but at those times when he feels terrible he'll overcompensate talking wise, overwork himself, or simply grow quiet and inactive.

He's an ambivert to the extreme.

He loves animals of every kind.

His mother is a demon/succubus and comes from a linage of wealth and royalty. She also is well known for her acts and particularly always cynical of others.

His father is a mutt of an incubus that is part of an aged band and is a musician.

The two of them met at a concert and she took interest into him for his voice and performance.

They got married and had three kids

The oldest is Asmodeus - his alignment is chaotic neutral (unstable- primal)
The middle child is Jona - his alignment is neutral (stable- open minded)
The youngest is Ethan - his alignment is lawful good (unstable- logic driven)

Jona is the star child out of the three of them. And favorited between both parents. They both are extremely proud of how he's turned out and made the best of things for himself into a man. Making status for himself as an entertainer and hoist, his parents enjoying his work and performance. Though his father slowly becoming jealous of his his son's fame would be a bit bitter at times still shows support. His mother still being the biggest fan. Jona ends up being the richest out of the brothers from his own personal work or success becoming a club owner and having a large amount of clientele.

As a child Jona would be groomed to be the prime example of a gentlemen, for fellow beings and creatures alike. Always having a keen interest for the arts Jona would be a creative young man since he could walk and talk. Welcoming, warm, sensible, and open minded, and straight out vibrant would be the proper way to describe him. The mans sultry laugh and contagious smile are his best assists besides his actual butt and toned body. We all know he's practically a walking packet on two feet with a few extra inches in his extra package of his own. Humble and playful are his ways on life with the motto “Let's have some fun!” He loves to learn to be at peace with all that surrounds him and with others, he's quite the catch. Multifaceted and jack of all trades he is down to earth about every he does. Not boastful in any way, but will only use is entrepreneurial skills in creative ways. He loves collecting beautiful artwork for his gallery walls, exchanged handmade elaborate jewelry (mostly bracelets), and learning about what makes people happy. Approachable and accessible, Jona encourages others to be happy and find inner peace. Yet he has to make peace with his own tail, for it has a mind of its own. When he's alone he loves to play his ukulele, organize events, or swim in the warm ocean water. He constantly will be going, so convincing him to go on a date is rather tricky and hard. The candy that he is, is called Devilpop. The outside surface is very gummy and sweet with a kick, and once the outer shell is eaten there's a creamy inside that tastes like exotic fruits and creams with a smaller sucker heart in the middle of it all. In describing the candy would be describing Jona and also the name of his Posable Club. Jona loves to make new friends and craves constructive feedback to make everyone's needs met. He treats people like family, and always willing to bargain with them so they're taken care of and he'll be on his way.

Jonas 10 fun facts

His tail really does have a mind of its own
His favorite color is red.
He was actually born around autumn, October 24 to be exact making his star sign cusp Libra-Scorpio.His life path number is 1, His rising is Virgo, His moon in libra
His beads mean the world to him and each have a story, he may give you one if he finds you worthy, or make you one.
He honestly wants a polynomial family one day. Husbando and Wifu, jackpot if intersexed, he wants a partner guys. He's an excellent parent.
He holds things or people in his sleep.
He loves to scrapbook/ take photos with good company.
He's so flexible, that he can put his legs criss cross behind his head, and turn his hips 180 degrees around. :^) think about it. >;^D
His larger red horns feel like sold gummy (like gushers please do not pop them, it might kill him or they would become amputated.) the smaller ones are Hardened.
The song Upside Down by Jack Johnson is his theme song, and also his voice sample, though his voice is a big deeper and more raspy…… (here's a link y'all)
Socks (Michael Keegan Nakamoto)
This young man before you is Michael Keegan Nakamoto AKA Socks. His Bio is being worked on. 
One of my older original characters and is my favorite to draw when I think of high fashion. His real name is Alexander Xavier Hildegard, and is a drag queen. I choose to leave his eyes out of the image inspired by a photo of my little sister. I've been meaning to embellish on his story for a while now but life has a way of being demanding. Though telling his story in person is way more fun! Done by traditional art with colored pencil and marker.
Squeak in his natural environment
This little guys simply loves terrariums and munching on his cactuses! Just look at him go! Thinking of his color scheme soon but for now he is a happy colorless camper.


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